'Alaskan Bush People' family drops bombshell about possible secret daughter

'Alaskan Bush People ': Don't Scare Her Off, Mom!
'Alaskan Bush People ': Don't Scare Her Off, Mom!

Say what?

The famous "Alaskan Bush People" family dropped a shocking bombshell that has many wondering: Do the Browns have a secret daughter?

Billy and Ami Brown catch viewers off-guard in the final seconds of the Season 4 preview.

"30 years. We've heard nothing from her," Billy said.

"I've never forgotten her," adds his wife, Ami, as footage of what appears to be an unidentified woman getting off a plane is shown. "She will always be our daughter."

And the drama doesn't stop there ...

The new season, which premieres on Discovery Channel on May 6, will tackle several storylines, including a leg injury suffered by Billy.

See images of the family:

It will also address the looming "dark cloud" surrounding the family after Billy Bush and son Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown pleaded guilty for lying about their Alaskan residency. They served a 30-day jail sentence as part of their punishment.

The reality show has attracted millions of viewers as it chronicles the lives of Billy, his wife Ami and their seven grown children. The "wolf pack" lives in the Alaskan wilderness, often going months without seeing an outsider.

And with that -- it's safe to say this may be the most dramatic season yet.

See the Season 4 preview below:

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