A man dubbed Britain's sexiest police officer is taking the internet by storm


Chief Superintendent Jim Colwell is just like any other police officer -- he puts on his uniform every morning to humbly protect and serve the citizens of his country.

He just happens to look hella good while he's doing it.

Colwell has found himself at the center of a social media frenzy after a Facebook post about his recent promotion caught the eye of enthusiastic females across the globe.

We are pleased to welcome Chief Superintendent Jim Colwell to lead frontline policing across Devon. Rising from a bobby...

Posted by Devon & Cornwall Police on Thursday, April 28, 2016

Since the police force shared details of the former detective's appointment on Facebook, the post has received 1,300 likes and over 300 comments, some from fans who swear they'd commit crimes just to be arrested by the dashing cop.

"Appears there might be a spike in criminal women activity in the area 🙂," Lisa Wood commented.

"fancy getting arrested...? ☺️" Maddie O'Neill commented, tagging a friend below the photo.

But apparently, good looks aren't Colwell's only positive attribute.

One Facebook commenter by the name of Neil Thomson, who seemed to know Colwell personally, said he was "a professional officer and a gent. A senior officer who made the effort to personally come and say goodbye to me when I retired."

Tania Trump, another user who seemed to have worked with Colwell, wrote "I have been at a human trafficking and slavery conference led by Jim and he is very humble, very professional and very approachable."

"Excellent appointment, good luck Sir!" she added.

When it comes to being a good guy with good looks to boot, it seems like Colwell is guilty as charged.

Case closed.

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Women Swoon Over 'Hot Cop' After He Posed with 3-Year-Old Wearing Uniform
Women Swoon Over 'Hot Cop' After He Posed with 3-Year-Old Wearing Uniform