Woman gives birth mid-flight, names newborn baby after airline

Newborn Named After Airline 'Jet Star' Because He Was Born Mid-Flight
Newborn Named After Airline 'Jet Star' Because He Was Born Mid-Flight

Finding the perfect baby name can be a difficult task, but sometimes, just sometimes, the right name just clicks.

That was the case for a pregnant woman aboard a Jetstar Asia flight last week, who was hoping to land in Myanmar without a hitch.

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That didn't go as planned, however, and instead of landing sans drama, she ended up going into full-on labor mid-flight before landing.

Luckily for her, three of her fellow passengers ended up being doctors, and came forward to help deliver her unborn baby.

After tons of tears and cheers from the passengers on board, the mother finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

So what did she name the handsome devil? Saw Jet Star, naturally, as a way to thank the (conveniently present) doctors and crew.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, a spokesperson for the airline stated, "Our crew are trained to respond to all kinds of events on our aircraft, and we're proud of the way they assisted with the help of generous doctors onboard to ensure the safe delivery of our youngest-ever passenger."

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