Toddler found dead after wandering away from Florida home

MISSING: 2-year-old boy from Pasco

A missing two-year-old was found dead Wednesday night after wandering away from his Florida residence earlier in the evening.

According to reports, Clayton Foskey managed to slip out of his Hudson, Florida, home sometime before 7:30 p.m., around the time a phone call was made by his mother notifying the Pasco County Sheriff's Office of his disappearance.

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The police assembled a team of some 60 deputies to assist in finding the toddler, a group that was later joined by a K-9 unit, a marine unit and an agriculture unit.

A little before 11:00 p.m., the K-9 unit stumbled about a small footprint on the bank of a nearby pond, which eventually led them to the toddler's body. He was found fifteen feet out in 4-foot-deep water.

In a statement released by Sheriff Chris Nocco, he expressed that their team was refocusing the investigation onto Foskey's death. "We want to find out why this child was out there, how long he was out there, how he was able to get out of the house," Nocco stated. "As parents, this could have been any of our children."

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