The most caloric dish at 40 chain restaurants

Restaurant Meals and Calorie Counts

When you eat out, the calories flood in — usually, many more than you need.

This is especially true at chain restaurants.

National chains like Mimi's Café and McDonald's gain loyal patrons for offering cheap, tasty meals. More precisely, customers like the caloric bang for the buck, convenience and fat content. Some even argue that the levels of fat, sodium and additives makes this food highly addictive. Many popular menu items have over half the amount of calories recommended in an entire day — approximately 2,000 according to the USDA — and dangerously high levels of fat.

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The most caloric dish at 40 chain restaurants


McCafe premium roast coffee, small: $1.00

Burger King

Smooth roast coffee, small: $1.00

Krispy Kreme

Coffee (smooth, rich, or decaf), small: $1.59

Dunkin' Donuts

Hot coffee, small: $1.59

Tim Hortons

Coffee (original blend, dark roast or decaf): $1.59

Caribou Coffee

Coffee of the day, small: $1.69

Panera Bread

Hot coffee, small: $1.89


Freshly brewed coffee, tall: $1.85

Bruegger's Bagels 

House blend coffee, small: $1.99


For example, the item that made No. 1 on this list has 2,300 calories and 164 grams of fat. That's 15 percent more than the daily recommended caloric intake and over 200 percent the daily recommended fat intake in one meal alone.

Using data from the ESHA nutrition database, the experts at HealthGrove looked at 40 chain restaurants and found the most caloric dish at each. All of these items are available in the United States and are on the menus as of this writing.

Note: In the case of ties, the dish with the most fat ranks highest. Additionally, we ruled out dessert items as well as family-sized items.

#40. Panda Express

Most Caloric Dish: Chicago Classic Deep Dish Pizza
Calories per Serving: 2,300
Serving Size: 1.0 each (757g)
Fat: 164g
Sodium: 4,910mg

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