'Bring Your Kid to Work Day' goes terribly wrong at NPR station

Parents Take Part In Take Your Daughters And Sons To Work Day
Parents Take Part In Take Your Daughters And Sons To Work Day

"Bring Your Kid to Work Day" can be a great opportunity for children to be exposed to today's workforce.

It can also be a time for them to wreak havoc in your workspace with mischievous antics. And that's exactly what happened at a West Coast NPR station on Thursday.

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An employee's child managed to effortlessly sabotage a portion of a broadcast during a tour of the station's control room, according to Gawker.

"One of our junior journalists was some how able to press the exact sequence, and perfectly timed live insert panel to insert studio 42 into the stream 1. I kid you not" an NPR employee email read. "Feel free to giggle at will."

According to the email, the little kid's busy fingers caused listeners to hear nothing but dead silence for a over a minute on certain NPR stations.

Isabel Lara, NPR's director of media relations, reportedly confirmed the outage.

"During a bring your kids to work day tour today, some of our junior visitors pressed some buttons that affected a portion of the 11 AM ET newscast that can be heard on a limited number of West Coast stations Not all stations were affected," she wrote in an email. "It was an educational day for us as well as our kids."

Leave it to children to remind us just how fun adulting can be.

See an employee's hilarious tweets from the incident:

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