'Selfies' result in more double chin removals, says Denver doctor

Doctor: Selfies Are Resulting In More Double Chin Removals

DENVER (KDVR) -- The President does it. The Kardashians love it. And let's face it, we in news post them on our social media pages A LOT!

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Selfies have taken over our photo albums and Facebook feeds in recent years and now one Denver plastic surgeon says it is creating an increase in demand for people's "double chins" to be fixed.

"Everybody looks like they have a double chin," Dr. John Grossman, a Denver plastic surgeon said.

Grossman says his office sees "dozens" of people a week looking to reduce their chin size. Grossman says Kybella treatment is the new craze.

"We do it, we wash it, and we send them home," Grossman said.

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'Selfies' result in more double chin removals, says Denver doctor
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Kybella is a non-surgical ejection that after one treatment begins to reduce fat in people's chins. Grossman says the average cost is about $1800 a pop, far cheaper option when compared to lyposuction.

Khloe Kardashian has recently become an advocate for the product and the FDA recently approved the procedure.

When asked by FOX31 reporter Joe St. George if people are just confused by which angle they are supposed to take a selfie (above the head), Grossman said "Well that's true but even with the correct angle, you may be hiding that double chin," Grossman added.

The FDA warns all people should know the risks before engaging in the procedure.

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