Krispy Kreme is giving you free food today

Competitive Eaters Scoffs 50 Krispy Kreme Donuts
Competitive Eaters Scoffs 50 Krispy Kreme Donuts

It's Super Hero Day at Krispy Kreme—except this holiday is celebrating the kind of heroes that don't fly around in capes.

The holiday is actually a made up holiday, meant to commemorate our everyday heroes—the moms who drive their kids to school every morning, the best friends who stick by our sides, even the mailman who delivers our mail with a smile every morning.

We all have the people who make our days a little better, and a little easier.

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So in honor of these people in our lives, Krispy Kreme is encouraging everyone to show their appreciation for these people in our lives by offering a free dozen Original Glazed® donuts with purchase of another Original Glazed® dozen.

As Krispy Kreme said:

"It's a sweet way to celebrate the Super Heroes in your life!"

One box is meant to be given to the hero of your choice, so you can both indulge in all that sweetness.

However, if you're a proponent of the idea that you can be your own superhero, you officially have an excuse to keep both boxes for yourself--no judgment here!

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