Forget boudoir! Man poses for amazing 'dudeoir' photographs in the woods

Why This Hilarious Lumberjack Posed For a 'Dudeoir' Calendar Photo Shoot
Why This Hilarious Lumberjack Posed For a 'Dudeoir' Calendar Photo Shoot

Feel 'beardiful' in your own skin.

That's the message Arizona photographer Chad Castigliano of Chronicker Photography has been spreading since he invited a close friend to do a 'dudeoir' shoot in the woods that he aptly titled, The Whimsical Woodsman.

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"This is the first time I've done anything like this," Castigliano, who has been photographing subjects since highschool, told, "women, men, whatever."

Castigliano said he was tired of seeing muscle-bound and serious male-boudoir photoshoots, and wanted to do something fun instead.

So he messaged his long-time friend, Tim Wilson, with the proposal, and he was immediately on board, "no qualm about it."

Castigliano said his friend has a great sense of humor and doesn't take himself very seriously -- even though his full time job is no joke. Castigliano said Wilson, a wild lands firefighter by day, was recently on a two-day long firefighting mission in which he had to camp in the woods overnight.

The men took to the woods earlier this month, and invited their wife and children along for a good laugh.

"The first 10 minutes was infinite laughter -- it was hilarious," Castigliano told

They, along with their wives, worked together as a team, coming up with different poses for the woodsman to recreate.

"We pulled up photos on our phone -- boudoir women photos in the woods," the photographer said. "Women pose like that, but when you put it on a man, people laugh. It shows you how ridiculous they pose women."

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Whoever his wife is she is very lucky to have a man who would put himself out there for her," one woman commented on the project's Facebook page.

Another wrote: "Now that's what I call a real man, stunning guy and I hope he knows how to use that axe and chainsaw, anyone got his number?"

Castigliano said that even though they had expected the shoot to make people laugh, viewers were more touched than they could have ever imagined.

He told that he received private messages from a wide audience of people inspired by Wilson's self-confidence.

A transgender man currently in transition even told Castigliano that he aspires to one day look like Wilson.

What's more, all the publicity goes toward a good cause. Castigliano said that he plans to donate all the proceeds from calendar and photo sales to his wife's non-profit, Books to the Rescue Yavapai County.

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Castigliano told that his wife, Jasmine, is trying to raise money to put together kits for children in emergency situations. The idea is to place two or three backpacks filled with books and stuffed animals in each emergency responder's car. If an emergency responder notices a child in distress at the scene, he or she can use the contents in the backpack to comfort the child, and limit the child's exposure to traumatic experiences.

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