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Fans of "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" are in for a real treat this season. The series, which premieres for its fourth installment on May 1st, will feature brand new cast member Bianca Espada as she deals with tarnished friendships while deciding whether to nurture her fashion career in NYC or LA. Espada's lifestyle blog and lifelong passion for fashion become focal points of this season.

So naturally when we sat dow with the "Rich Kids" newcomer to talk about her reality television show debut, dishing on fashion was a given. Ahead, find out what Bianca Espada's first fashion moment was, what her big plans for her lifestyle blog are, and what influences her sense of style the most!

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What about "Rich Kids" really drew you in?
I have a lifestyle blog that's fashion, beauty, and travel and the fact that I get to promote it and get to use the show as a platform for it is something I couldn't say no to.

How did you develop your blog?
I started it maybe a year and a half ago in LA and then I stopped it for a while. I recently re-launched it and it's a passion of mine. I love everything that I talk about and it's what I love to do. So if I could do that full time that would be ideal.

Was fashion your first love then growing up?
100%. Both of my parents were in fashion, but they're retired now. But it's something that I grew up with ever since the moment I could dress up as a little girl. It was a creative outlet for me.

What influences your personal style the most?
Travel has had a huge impact on my style. Traveling to different countries and seeing what is in style in Asia or Europe as opposed to what's going on in The States is huge. Also I think what's going on in a different climate, for example New York to LA, has changed my style completely.

What region of the world is your favorite in terms of style?
I love Asia way more than Europe. So if I could go back to Bangkok I would go there before any other place in the world. And the fashion there is on another level. I think fashion in Asia is way more progressive than in Europe.

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What designers can you not live without?
I really love Saint Laurent and I love Hedi but now that he's gone it will be interesting to see what will happen since he transformed that brand. I think Gucci is killing it too. And if I could wear one designer for the rest of my life, it would have to be Balenciaga.

Where do you hope to see your lifestyle site moving forward in the future? What projects do you hope to be working on?
I would love to do some sort of a collaboration with a design house. That would be a dream! I see myself doing my blog full time, focusing on Fashion Weeks, and really just being at the forefront of whatever is trending.

YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming social stars. To see more of past interviews, including more exclusive features on Bianca Espada click here.

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