Best part-time jobs for college students

Job Advice for College Grads

With the cost of books, tuition and fees, it's not surprising if your cash flow becomes a little stifled in college.

For students who don't have scholarships or don't receive financial assistance from their parents, the financial strain of college expenses can oftentimes lead to added stress and even health-related issues.

One of the easiest ways to avoid financial hardships in college, however, is to get a part-time job.

Not only are part-time jobs great ways to save money, but depending on your role, it can be an opportunity to build your resumé, gain invaluable experience and establish relationships with employers to use as references when you begin searching for a full-time job.

According to David Melnyk, a financial planner with Versus Wealth Management, "A good number of managers are looking for a part-time student employee who will transfer into a full-time employee after graduation." Adding, "If you harness the opportunity to show managers that you are there to work, learn, use your education to help improve the firm, then you may have a golden ticket to a job after graduation."

So, if you're in need of a flexible part-time job that pays well, here's a list of some of the best opportunities available. Not only are these great resumé boosters, but they can also lead to full-time opportunities after graduation!

Best part-time job for college students
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Best part-time jobs for college students

If you grew up babysitting younger family members, then this position is perfect for you. Not only is being a nanny one of the most flexible part-time jobs, but you can set your own rate. 

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While the hours for this position may not be as flexible, working as an office assistant or receptionist for a major company is a great way to get your foot in the door. As a receptionist you will be tasked with entry-level responsibilities, which will give you a great advantage when applying to your first full-time job. 

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Possibly one of the most demanding jobs, working as a server in a restaurant comes with just as much stress as reward. The hours may be long, but at some restaurants, wages can be worth it. 

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Similar to working as a nanny, being a tutor is one of the most flexible job opportunities. As a tutor, you can help others in a variety of subjects. This is a great job for a college student because not only will you be helping others, but you will also be strengthening your knowledge in whatever subject you teach. 

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Freelance Work 
Much like serving, being a freelancer can be very rewarding financially. As a freelancer, you can choose which industry you want to work in and begin to gain experience while still in school. 

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Work-Study Job  
If you are a student who meets the qualifications for financial aid, you can apply for your school's work study program. Work study schedules your shifts around your class schedule and the best part is that most jobs are on campus and the money you make can go directly towards paying off your tuition or any other university balances. 

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