A new study says cheating may be good for you

Sexting Isn't Cheating, According to New Study

If you've been cheated on, good news: turns out it's not all bad.

Researchers at Binghampton University have concluded that women who have had unfaithful partners are actually able to use the experience to help select future mates.

The study surveyed 5,705 people in 96 countries about their breakups. They found that women who have been cheated on are able to recognize characteristics and tendencies of a cheater, and avoid them altogether.

They also found that there is an evolutionary perspective behind the incredibly painful feelings that accompany being cheated on, and break-ups in general.

That is, humans are wired to live to pass down their genetic codes. So if they've felt the pain that comes along with a relationship gone wrong, it helps them decide which road to go down next.

Or, if you're Beyonce, you can use it to fuel a one-hour HBO special and make millions.

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Sexting Isn't Cheating, According to New Study

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