11 polarized parents battle it out about the vaccination issue

It's hard to come up with a solution to any single issue that an entire nation can absolutely agree upon. And while disagreements are to be expected, many topics invite gray areas and a spectrum of opinions. However, there are some hot topics out there that blow up and end up having completely polarized advocates and naysayers that represent the public opinions of the issue. One of the things of which many people are either completely in support of or completely against is the idea of vaccinating children.

Several parents took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to confess how they feel about vaccinating their kids.

1. Being pro-vaccination might just translate to being totally protective of your children:

I am pro-vaccine because I want to know that I did everything that I could to protect my kid

2. To each his own, as they say:

Without vaccines my kid could be very sick right now. I

3. It's often easy to make your own decisions and not worry about others', but in this case others' decisions might pose a threat to your loved ones:

I hate when people talk about being against vaccines. If my kid gets sick cause you refuse to vaccinate yours, we

4. It's hard to see the good in vaccination if you've had a negative experience with it:

I honestly don

5. Vaccination is such a touchy subject that it's often better to not even bring it up in public:

My family thinks I vaccinate my child. Little do they know my daughter has been vax free for almost 6yrs now. If I told them that I don

6. Vaccination can get political, especially when it comes to rules at school:


7. Some people don't think that vaccination is the only answer to keeping kids healthy:


8. Many parents don't feel comfortable blindly trusting the government's recommendation about something they don't know much about:

I didn

9. Just because you don't hold hostility for non-vaccinators doesn't mean you agree or understand with their decisions:

I try not to judge. But I will never understand why people do not vaccinate their children. As a mother with a vulnerable child it baffles and annoys me.

10. Even if you vaccinate your children, that doesn't mean you're totally sure about your decision:

Vaccinated my kids today. Everyone who swears they

11. 'Pro-vax' attitudes might seem like groupthink mentalities:

I don

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