10 essentials every woman needs to have in her purse at all times

purse essentials to never leave the house without
purse essentials to never leave the house without

It's been a source of debate for centuries: to carry a purse, or not carry a purse? That is the question. Women everywhere have attempted to swap their totes for card-holding phone cases, teeny weeny wristlets and the like, but when it comes down to it, we just need a purse.

However, the power of carrying a purse comes with great responsibility. When strutting around with a trendy carryall, one has no excuse to be unprepared for whatever comes her way, and people will expect that. Friends who know you carry a purse will go to you first when they desperately need some floss or coverup. Everyone at the table will turn to you when the waitress delivers the bill sans pen. Hungry compadres will come to you hoping for a snack!

And you will have it all. Like Wonder Woman with this season's hottest satchel, you'll be a hero to yourself and the people around you. So check out this list of the 10 things you should keep in your purse at all times, and become the woman you were meant to be.

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Now watch the video below for 10 things every woman must have in her home:

10 Things Every Woman Needs at Home
10 Things Every Woman Needs at Home