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For Xenia Ghali, the focus has always been her dedicated fans. Whether it's observing how her fans enjoy her music and tailoring sets around them to giving words of wisdom to young girls out there who look up to the her, the young DJ puts her over 50,000 followers first. Her incredible bond with her fans serves as proof that Xenia Ghali is one of the realest DJs in the music industry.

We recently sat down with Ghali to talk about the moments that have touched her the most, the biggest difference between her European listeners versus her American ones, and more! You can read the full interview below.

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What's the biggest difference you've noticed in the American music scene versus the European one?
In America, there's a pot of a lot of different artists and genres. And things are always changing. So naturally when I'm doing a set in the US, I have to take that into consideration. There isn't a club that's strictly house or strictly dance music -- the majority of events want versatility. In Greece, however, I just do straight up house because people genuinely just want to hear that music. That's the biggest difference by far.

What is your relationship like with your fans?
My favorite messages in the world are from little girls in high school who inbox me -- and I always reply -- and they say they want to be like me. It's just the sweetest thing in the world! The thing I always tell them, is that first and foremost you have to do what your heart says and not follow what you think is "cool." If that's your passion you should pursue it and do it in a smart way. I always use myself as an example to my fans, and I encourage them to study first and get a degree. That way they understand the academic side of music, plus if anything fails you can fall back on the degree and not be lost in the world. My fans though in general are super supportive. I try to give them exclusive material as much as I can. For example I message the girl who runs a fan account on Instagram and I send her photos or backstage material as a way to show my appreciation.

Where do you see the progression of your music going in the next few years?
I just released a single "Under These Lights" and I'm very proud of it. It talks about the opposite of what's happening the world right now. Right now we have terrorism, poverty, and hate. The song is a relief of that and it's a reminder that unity and love are the most important things we have. I'm very proud of the song and I feel like it's very real, so I'd love to continue making music that not only sounds good, but also has an important message. Also, in the future I hope to experiment with other genres. I'm very open to experimenting and really collaborating with a lot of great musicians, regardless of who they are or what style music they play.

YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming social stars. To see more of past interviews, including more exclusive Xenia Ghali features, click here!

For more on Xenia Ghali, watch the video below!

DJ Xenia Ghali Talks About Working With Some Of The Biggest Names In The Business And Her Popular Remixes

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