Women want Donald Trump to know what they get with a #WomanCard

"The only card she has is the woman's card": Trump on Clinton

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump recently accused Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton of playing the "women's card" -- using her gender to get ahead in the presidential race.

"I think the only card she that she has is the women's card. She's got nothing else going for her," Trump said, "and frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote."

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Women everywhere quickly responded to Trump's comments and the hashtag #WomanCard began to trend on Wednesday accumulating over 34,000 tweets.

Women on Twitter cleverly let Trump know that having such card doesn't get you very much. In fact what it does gets you is unequal pay, tampon tax, little control over reproductive rights, unpaid maternity leave, and street harassment according to the thousands of tweets that were sent out.

Clinton shot back at Trump's remarks saying: "The other day Mr. Trump accused me of 'playing the woman card. If fighting for women's healthcare, and paid family leave and equal pay is 'playing the woman card,' then deal me in."

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Women want Donald Trump to know what they get with a #WomanCard
Tried to use my #womancard at an ATM to pull out a $20—got $15.60 instead.
I wish the #womancard gave discounts on tampons and bras.
.@realDonaldTrump talks about a #womancard like it's an American Express and accepted everywhere. Pretty sure that describes male privilege.
My #WomanCard is an all-access pass to getting blamed for enticing someone / being where I shouldn't be when I get assaulted! 👍🏽
My #womancard always get's me things. Things like being ignored, less earnings... you know, things.
Every time I try to play my #womancard, a man has to explain how it works.
Be a card-carrying member of the female persuasion and get your #womancard Today! Amazing benefits included! https://t.co/7ntpH91wau
#WomanCard: U.S. presidents: 0 Vice presidents: 0 Family paid leave: 0 Equal Pay: 70 to 50% what men do Govt: Less than 15% Fortune 500: 5%
The #womancard is being 10x more qualified than any male candidate and having to answer questions about your character and not the issues.
So just curious... What "benefits" does my #womancard get me besides less pay, cramps once a month and the gov making decisions for my body?
I woke up today unsure which #womancard to play. If I'm lucky, someone will #mansplain it to me. https://t.co/d1rBaK4qs2
I wish my #womancard gave me discounts on shoes and tampons instead of being a discount card for same work pay.
Hoping I can cash in my #womancard for that missing 30% of my salary I lost for creating human life.
They declined my #womancard to pay for tuition #studentdebt

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