Woman plummets to her death while searching for mythical 'Pope Lick monster'

Ohio Woman Fatally Hit By Train While Searching For 'Pope Lick Monster'

It was a freak accident.

Roquel Bain, 26, died from multiple blunt force injuries and a subsequent fall from a 100-foot Louisville train trestle on Saturday, according to law enforcement.

Thrill-seekers mistakenly think the old trestle is no longer in use, drawn by stories of a creature — half-goat and half-man — that appears once they've made it to the top, according to a statement made by historian David Domine.

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Bain and her boyfriend were visiting Louisville, heard about the creature known as the "Pope Lick Monster," and decided to make their way up to the train tracks. The train surprised them and after realizing they couldn't make it to the end of the trestle, they decided to hang off the sides. Bain couldn't move fast enough, according to Deputy Coroner, Jack Arnold.

"It's been around for years, even my nieces and nephews used to go and come out here," Denise Harris told Wave 3. "The Goatman, when they climb up on the trestles and they cross it — he's supposed to come out when they cross it," she added.

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Harris also spoke about the risk in attempting the stunt.

"If they're halfway through [the tracks] and the train comes, you either have to jump, run or basically get it," Harris said. She also added many people think they can outrun the trains that come by.

Bain fell between 80 and 100 feet but her boyfriend survived with no injuries, according to Arnold. The Dayton, Ohio native was pronounced dead at the scene.

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