Tips for styling a maxi skirt

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I can't say that I own a ton of casual maxi skirts... I have a hard time finding a middle ground in terms of formality. They are either too casual or too formal, and nothing has felt right for a brunch date or happy hour. Until I found this skirt, of course! I'm loving it for a couple of reasons: the button down feature allows you to show a little leg (and shoe!), instantly making you look more polished. Chambray also screams summer in my opinion, plus the fabric is so easy to style. I picked a top with a little more structure and edge, just to lessen the boho vibe a bit.

A pair of lace up sandals are the perfect match for a maxi skirt. Flip flops are too casual, but lace ups give some interest and add another level of polish (if you're not in the mood for heels). These flats are my first pair of lace ups, in fact. I love the rounded open toe and simple design. The leather is super luxe too - this price is unbeatable for the quality. I'm so happy with them!

A couple more tips for choosing (and styling) a maxi skirt:

- Pick one with a slit to make your legs look longer. If you go this route though, make sure the split in the skirt is the focus of the look. Meaning, don't pair it with a top that has a plunging neckline. Balance is key!

- Aim for a length just below your ankles. Anything shorter looks like a weird, wannabe-midi skirt.

- Choose an a-line cut. The tight, super clingy fabric is universally unflattering. I'm loving pleated maxi's, which creates a really pretty silhouette.

- Try gathering the extra fabric on one side of the skirt at the bottom (if it's jersey, let's say) and tying it in a knot. Instantly cool.

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Watch the video below to learn how to wear a midi-skirt!

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