This is how to delete texts before someone gets them

This Is How To Delete Texts Before Someone Gets Them

A new security app is designed to make one 21st-century problem a thing of the past.

The app is called Protect Your Privates, and it allows you to delete a message before the person you sent it to can see it.

Protect Your Privates has been dubbed "your free messenger app with ultimate screenshot protection."

It can recall messages and "allows you to express yourself without worrying about screenshotting."

You take a picture, record a video or write a text, pick a friend to send it to and select a security setting.

Like a weird twist on Taco Bell sauces, your options begin with "Mild," meaning your unread messages will expire after 24 hours.

Under the "Wild" setting, they expire after 12 hours, along with a three-hour expiration period for unread "Insane" messages.

The receiver will either have to pass Touch Security, Motion Security or Camera Security measures to open your message.

And if the person on the other end of the phone tries to take a screen grab, Privates will let you know.

Something tells me this app is going to pretty popular with college kids, young professionals and, well, everyone else with a phone.

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