This girl was body shamed into tears by school administrators at her own prom


This is Amy Steverson in her gorgeous black and tan lace prom dress.

But no matter how much time, effort and money the young woman spent on looking like a princess for the big night, some people still did not approve.

During Maryville High School's senior prom in Maryville, Tennessee, Steverson was reportedly told at the door that her dress showed too much of her cleavage, and that the only way she would be allowed in is if she wore the vice principal's tux jacket over her dress.

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Humiliated by the scenario, Steverson reportedly spent some time crying in the bathroom being "consoled" by a teacher, who repeatedly told her "us big girls gotta cover up."

Infuriated by the events that unfolded that night, one of Steverson's friend's moms, Tiffani Taylor, took to Facebook to express her frustrations.

This is Bronte's friend, Amy. Last Friday night was her senior prom. She spent time looking for the perfect dress, got...

Posted by Tiffani Taylor on Monday, April 25, 2016

"This is Bronte's friend, Amy," the post began. "Last Friday night was her senior prom. She spent time looking for the perfect dress, got her hair done and was meticulous in putting her make up on. It's an exciting time! She proudly had her pictures made, and why wouldn't she? She looks like a princess!"

Taylor went on frustratedly, describing how the jacket Steverson was offered to cover up with "did not cover her chest."

Then, she delved into the real issue at hand.

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Since being uploaded to Facebook on April 25, the photo has been shared more than 12,000 times and received over 44,000 likes

People in the comments section of the Facebook post have shown an outpouring of support for Steverson.

Some of the support even came from Maryville students, like Mikala Goodwin, who compared her own dress to Steverson's and wondered why she didn't get in trouble as well.


Another kind commenter said, "this young lady is beautiful & classy! It's a shame that administration could ruin such a special day for her! I hope she realizes it was all their problem not hers at all. It's unacceptable that she was called out!"

Although she can never get the special night back, hopefully the support Steverson is receiving from the online community can serve as a form of condolence and empowerment.

As one commenter perfectly summed it up, "if she still has any doubts, I hope she reads these comments and knows that she is beautiful, the dress is completely appropriate and she did nothing wrong."

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