These rescued kittens were 'coloured in' with green and blue ink

Tiny Kittens Covered in Blue and Green Permanent Marker Get Rescued
Tiny Kittens Covered in Blue and Green Permanent Marker Get Rescued

LONDON — Two rescued kittens brought by police to a cat rescue centre in Bradford, UK, were found with their fur "coloured in".

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The kittens, which have been nicknamed Smurf and Shrek by volunteers at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue (BCWR), had been covered with blue and green ink thought to be from a permanent colouring marker.

Katie Lloyd, a volunteer at BCWR, shared the images on Facebook on Monday. Her post has had nearly 5000 shares at the time of writing.

Here's Lloyd's post in full:

The kittens were taken in and bathed by Lloyd, who received advice on what to do with them from the Veterinary Poisons Information Service.

Image: katie lloyd/bcwr/Mashable composite

Image: katie lloyd/bcwr/Mashable composite

Bradford Cat Watch Rescue is a voluntary organisation that cares for abandoned and mistreated cats.

Mashable spoke to Katie Lloyd over the phone on Wednesday morning. She said the kittens were currently sat next to her squeaking, and that they were doing well.

"The kittens are doing really well and their cheeky characters are becoming more apparent," she wrote in a follow-up email.

Image: facebook/katie jane

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