The NFL's Steve Smith took an autistic teen to prom and we're not even sure who had a better time

Ravens' Steve Smith Asks Autistic Teen To High School Prom
Ravens' Steve Smith Asks Autistic Teen To High School Prom

Can you imagine being a teenager and getting asked to prom by one of the biggest names in the NFL?

Probably not.

But that's exactly what happened to Aubrey Bridges last month, when wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. surprised the 18-year-old with a special promposal.

It all began when Bridges saw some of Steve Smith's infamous dance moves on video and thought he'd make a fun prom date, according to WBTV.


With a little help from Dream On 3, an organization that connects athletes with children with disabilities, Bridges' dream date was eventually turned into a reality.

Bridges has autism and a rare disorder called vein of Galen Malformation, which makes communication a struggle for her -- but that didn't stop the teen, who is reportedly a huge Ravens fan, from excitedly accepting the offer.

"We saw the silly side come out when Steve asked her to prom. She just lit up, she was all smiles, she was dancing," said Brandon Lindsey, founder of Dream on 3.

Apparently, Smith was just as enthusiastic about the date as Bridges.

"I can't tell who is more excited about this experience, Aubrey or Steve," said Lindsey.

True to his word, on Saturday, April 23, Smith rolled up in a giant limo with a giant smile on his face to the restaurant where Bridges was having pre-prom dinner with her family, corsage in hand, ready to make prom dreams come true.

Here is some amazing footage from the special night, but fair warning: It will give you ALL the feels:

Accompanied by her dashing sate, Bridges was the belle of the ball.

The two danced, socialized with friends, took photos and even made an appearance on the Ravens' official Vine account:


But the real icing on the cake wasn't until the end of the night, when Bridges was voted prom queen by the entire high school's student body.

Cinderella IRL? We think so.