The fittest people have these 2 names

The Fittest People Have These Two Names

If you're not much of a gym rat, you might want to blame your parents.

And no, not because of genetics, because they're the ones who named you!

A gym reviewed five years of data to find the most popular names among its fittest members.

For men, it was James, which might explain how James Bond has looked amazing on screen for more than 50 years.

Out of the women, those named Laura were the fittest. That probably came as some comfort for a group of people tired of being called "Lauren" eight times a week.

People named James and Laura go to the gym roughly 26 percent more than their closest rivals.

The study also found a "Carly" is most likely to sign up for a gym and then quit.

Meanwhile, guys named Larry mostly hit the gym in January and September, and "Michaels" are least efficient with their time.

Go ahead, try and tell six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan that.

Here's how to conquer all your fitness and health goals, no matter what your name is:

Conquer your fitness & health goals
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The fittest people have these 2 names

1. Get the right gear. When it comes to workout gear, I need looks that are both stylish and functional. I can honestly say, when I love my gear, I'm more committed to my workout. I like looks that are light weight, breathable, stretchy material in bright colors and patterns. I recently completely feel in love with a high quality fitness line, Cory Vines. Their line is both durable, anti-bacterial, anti-ordor and very comfortable. My yoga classes have not survived without them as of late!

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2. Talk about your resolutions. Make your goals known to both friends, family members and co-workers. When you're chatting with them often, they will likely ask about your progress and want to cheer you on!

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3. Set small goal & celebrate your victories. Be sure to set smaller, attainable milestones as you progress throughout your plan and celebrate when you reach your goals. For example, if your goal is to lose 15 pounds in 5 months, set small

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4. Track progress through a journal or mobile app. I love the My Fitness Pal App where I can track both my meal intake and fitness regimen. It keeps me motivated and more aware of the impact of my choices. There are plenty of free, user-friendly mobile apps available that make tracking simple, or consider starting a journal or making daily notes.

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5. Have fun. Make your your fitness goals involve a little fun. If you love to run, choose a race that involves fun actives like the Dirty Girl Run or Rock & Roll Races. Similarly, if you love to bike, see if there is a club or temporary outdoor class you can take in your area to switch things up. The more fun the class or activity, the more likely your friends will join also.

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