The disease that more people than you think are silently suffering from

The diseases and sicknesses that people are usually most fearful of are the fatal ones. And while that's undeniably understandable, the ones that you have to live with and through every single day are equally insufferable and threatening. Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by chronic musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Living with chronic pain is far from a walk in the park.

Several people who suffer from fibromyalgia took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to discuss what it's like to live every day with the disorder.

1. Just because it doesn't kill you, that doesn't mean that it doesn't change your life:

I have fibromyalgia. It may not be life threatening, but it

2. Fibromyalgia can make everyday activities feel nearly impossible:

Fibromyalgia is like being in an abusive relationship with your own body. Always being punished for innocuous activities. I hate myself because of it.

3. The disorder is not ageist:

Everyday is a struggle. Having fibromyalgia is the worst. Having to deal with it while I work is awful and trying to hide the pain is hard. Very hard. The bad thing about it is, I

4. Alzheimer's and dementia are not the only diseases that threaten memory loss:

One of the worst symptoms of my fibromyalgia is memory loss. My life is constantly blurry.

5. Just because you can't see fibromyalgia doesn't mean it's not there:

I hate that people think fibromyalgia is not real. Its like okay you sit down and explain to my body that all the pain it feels is imaginary

6. When you suffer from a chronic disorder, it might not feel like the way you live your lie is up to you:

Fibromyalgia is controlling my life. I

7. Expressing your discontent with your disorder doesn't make you a baby:

I don

8. One of the worst things about certain disorders is knowing that the people around you don't know what it's like:

I wish more people knew how hard living with Fibromyalgia is. I have to take a shower and I

9. Early onset fibromyalgia might make you feel like you're way older than you are:

I hate living with Fibromyalgia . I

10. No one wants to feel ostracized for something they can't control:

I have fibromyalgia but don

11. It's one thing if your disorder affects your own life, but you don't want it to negatively impact someone else's:


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Think you might have the disorder? Here are the symptoms:
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