Skip the polish, these tights come with a full pedicure attached

These tights will let you skip the pedicure
These tights will let you skip the pedicure

Why shell out $40 for a full spa service when you can just look like you had a treatment done?

That's the concept behind the latest fashion trend out of Japan -- sheer, thin tights with pedicures attached.

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Saving you a trip to the nail salon, these stockings ensure that you'll never have to worry about a chipped paint job here or a smeared pattern there, simply because the design is plastered on top of the fabric.

Photo: Belle Maison

Sold by online retailer Belle Maison, the lazy person's dream-wear comes in endless nail polish colors, including everything from polka dot print to floral designs.

According to Mashable, "A full-waist pair costs around $13 USD (1,500 JPY)," while "the knee length version sells for around $11 USD (1,200 JPY)."

The toes on the tights also come separated, meaning that your sandal game will not suffer due to these bad boys.

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