Remember the Cohen mansion from 'The OC'? See what it's like in real life

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If you grew up watching "The O.C.," chances are the Cohen's Newport Beach mansion was (and maybe still is) your ultimate dream home. The stunning oceanfront views, Italian villa-inspired architecture, and royal blue infinity pool set the magical backdrop for one of the most popular teen television series of all time.

But what does the TV home of Seth, Ryan, Sandy and Kirsten actually look like in real life? And more importantly, does Ryan's pool house really exist?

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Like most movies and TV shows, the shots inside and outside the Cohen estate were filmed in multiple locations, compiled from different sets and houses. However, the majority of the aerial and exterior shots were filmed of this stunning piece of real estate in Malibu, California.

We found the actual listing of the Cohen residence -- and although some features differ from the crafted property aired on the show -- it's still pretty jaw-dropping.

Click through for photos of the Malibu home:

The gated home boasts 6 bedrooms, 7 baths and over 6,000 square feet. It sits on about 4.5 acres of land -- and just like the property on film, has a similar resort-style outdoor area with gorgeous views of the ocean.

Unfortunately for us diehard "O.C." fans, the house was recently sold for $5,940,000 in December of 2015. But hey, there's always Julie Cooper's mansion!

Watch the video below for a full tour:

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