Real estate expert reveals one day of the week is best to buy a home

Give Your Home A Stronger First Impression
Give Your Home A Stronger First Impression

According to Scott , host of the HGTV show "Income Property," the best day of the week to buy is Monday.

He would know. McGillivray has invested in over 100 properties and even bought over 30 homes in one day, he told Farnoosh Torabi on an episode of her podcast "So Money."

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As a rule of thumb, "Go shopping on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday," he explains. "If you're shopping for real estate on a Saturday and Sunday, you're not getting deals.

When's the last time you saw a real estate agent promote an open house on a Monday night? It's on a Saturday. It's on a Sunday."

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In fact, between a Saturday and a Monday — just two days — the market drops by nearly 1% every week, the HGTV star tells Torabi: "If you think about the average home price in America being around $350,000, you're going to save $3,500 on average by putting offers in on a Monday versus a Saturday."

Why is early week the ideal time frame?

Homeowners are "distracted with work and the kids' routines," McGillivray explains. "They're probably not getting a lot of other offers on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, so chances are, they'll very quickly and efficiently entertain your offer. A seller is much more difficult to negotiate with on a weekend than they are on a weekday."

No promises you'll save $3,500 by buying on a Monday, but it's worth a try.

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