Iconic supermodel Twiggy started out as a haircut test subject

How to Get Twiggy's Long Lash Look
How to Get Twiggy's Long Lash Look

Born in London in 1949, Lesley Hornby was 16 years old when she visited the salon of famous hairstylist Leonard of Mayfair, where she received an experimental new crop cut. A photographer took some headshots of the new 'do, and Leonard hung them in his salon, where they were noticed by a fashion reporter from the Daily Express.

Soon thereafter, the teenager was featured in the paper as "The Face of '66."

The narrow-framed Hornby, whose childhood nickname had been "Twigs," soon had a burgeoning modeling career under the name Twiggy. Her thin, androgynous figure, her boyish haircut, and her dark and heavy eyelashes set her apart from other models of the time, and within months she had appeared in Vogue and other leading publications.

By the time she visited the U.S. in 1967, she had become an international phenomenon.

Following her sudden ascension, Twiggy modeled for four years before retiring in 1970 and shifting her focus to acting and singing.

She performed in film dramas and musicals, winning two Golden Globes in 1972 for her role as Polly Browne in The Boy Friend. She also performed onstage in a production of Cinderella and hosted her own eponymous television show.

In 1976, she released two albums of pop and country songs, Twiggy and Please Get My Name Right.

She continued to act and sing throughout the '80s, '90s, and 2000s, even appearing as a judge on America's Next Top Model.

Today, she continues to work in fashion, film and television, while pursuing activism in support of breast cancer research and animal rights.

"I used to do my own make-up. I used to have this doll that had those big eyelashes on the top and bottom, and I think I copied her when I was doing my eyes, putting false eyelashes on the bottom as well as the top. So I came up with that look myself." - Twiggy

"The way I looked when I started modeling — I was a skinny schoolgirl, stuffing tissues into my little 32A bra. I wasn't trying to be that thin; I was perfectly healthy, but still — that look is a total impossibility for women over the age of 20. Fashion has a lot to answer for, doesn't it?" - Twiggy

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