How Jessie Paege shot to social media stardom

Social star Jessie Paege talks to #KanvasLive at Playlist Live
Social star Jessie Paege talks to #KanvasLive at Playlist Live

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Most teenagers are probably in school and and finalizing their summer vacations right now. Jessie Paege is not your average teenager.

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While most 17-year-olds were studying for final exams this past weekend, the YouTube celebrity was busy doing meet-ups at PlayList Live in Orlando.

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Every year, the internet's biggest influencers come together at Playlist Live to meet their fans. And with 552K YouTube subscribers, 40K followers on Twitter and another 85K followers on Instagram, it's easy to see that Paege has a lot of fans.

Lines at Playlist Live are no joke:

%vine-url=""% had a chance to chat with Jessie Paege at Playlist Live this weekend where she opened up about her rising social media stardom and her advice to those trying to follow in her footsteps. Watch the video above to see more!

See more photos from Playlist Live below:

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