Here's how much Prince's record sales have skyrocketed by since his passing

Sales soar for late singer Prince as his music tops Billboard charts
Sales soar for late singer Prince as his music tops Billboard charts

Though it's impossible to find any silver lining in the "Purple Rain" clouds that have hung over the nation and the world after the passing of the icon Prince, everyone can find solace in the fact that the singer is still generating success.

Prince seems to be retaining his throne, as it's been determined this week that his record sales have increased by a whopping 40,000 percent since his passing, reports The Washington Post.

Over 239K copies of his albums were sold on the day of his passing, and another 399K over the weekend that followed.

The album that received the highest increase in sales was "The Very Best of Prince," a greatest-hits album which jumped nearly 70,000 percent, selling over 250K copies, according to the LA Times.

A look at Prince through the years:

And that's just entire albums.

A whopping 2.3M singles were purchased over the weekend. The most popular? "Purple Rain," which came in with around 287K copies sold.

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Before his passing, Prince had regained and retained complete rights to all of his music (including copyrights for songwriting), meaning that unlike other situations of this nature, Prince's record company may not receive a sizable chunk of money in their accounts as a result.

If there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's the genius and uniqueness behind Prince's music.

Perhaps that's why grieving fans and loved ones everywhere are running to purchase the only tangible thing they have left of the icon--his music.

And that's something that will undoubtedly reign on forever.

A look at reactions to Prince's passing on social media:

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