Get wild in this Georgia mansion with a cheetah staircase and pink walls

The Hottest Markets for Second Homes
The Hottest Markets for Second Homes

A greenhouse, gorgeous Euro-inspired gardens and a classic southern marsh only set the stage for what lies behind the doors of this incredibly decorated Sea Island, Georgia mansion.

Described as an "elegant masterpiece," this home, from corner to corner, is a work of art.

Boldly colored walls with intricate wallpaper create the ideal backdrop for customized and highly detailed molding, elaborate marble flooring and wood furnishings painted in unusual yet beautiful blues and greens.

You have to see pictures of this estate to understand just how unique it is:

The décor is not to be matched, including a cheetah-printed runner leading up the main staircase, a custom-tiled master bathtub, hand-painted armoires and four (yes, four) wet bars.

The four-bedroom, five-full-bathroom home features a kitchen with two refrigerators, custom cabinetry and gorgeous granite countertops.

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This home is a perfect example of how sometimes (albeit rarely) sticking hundreds of intricate, mismatched items and concepts together can work to create a genius piece of artistry. Just call it a Picasso.

The Georgia fun house is on the market for $3.25M, design advice not included.

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