Apple employee found dead in campus conference room with gun nearby

Dead Body Found Inside Apple's California Headquarters
Dead Body Found Inside Apple's California Headquarters

An Apple employee was found dead in a conference room on Wednesday morning, a Santa Clara Sheriff's Office spokesperson confirmed during a press conference, according to ABC News 7 in San Francisco.

Nobody else was involved.

A man's body was found and declared dead at the scene earlier this morning, according to the San Jose Mercury News. A Sheriff's spokesperson said the death was an "isolated incident" and that "nobody else on campus or in the public is at risk."

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Earlier TMZ reports of multiple people, including a woman, being involved in the incident therefore appear to be false.

Police scanner audio obtained by TMZ, describes one victim as a female employee "with a head wound" who "possibly has a gun." Security was apparently escorting her out when she sustained a head wound, potentially from a gunshot.

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Here's the transcript of the call, as best as we can make out:

Information for our units [inaudible] at Apple Campus, Infinite Loop, for a 10-56 attempt ... female employee bleeding from a head wound to the head, possibly has a gun. Looks like security was escorting the employee down, and the West Side units is now arriving. And I do have further [inaudible] that they are advising there's a body in one of the conference rooms with a gun so we're not sure if there are multiple people involved.

10-56 is apparently the police scanner code for a suicide.

A helicopter was circling over the general vicinity of 1 Infinite Loop during the morning, according to Apple employees.

Apple has not commented to the media about the incident. We've reached out to the Santa Clara Sheriff's Office and are awaiting the police report.

WATCH: ABC News 7 reports from the scene

Apple did not immediately return a request for comment. We've reached out to the Santa Clara Sheriff's Office and are awaiting a request for comment and the police report.

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