Women express how they really feel about their bodies post-pregnancy

There are plenty of problems that come along with motherhood. Lots of these issues have to do directly or indirectly with childcare -- whether breastfeeding decisions or single motherhood as a whole plague a new mom, these are issues that can be shared or dealt with dually. You can get advice about breastfeeding, you can ask for help with childcare. That being said, there are often far more psychological effects that go along with new motherhood such as postpartum depression or, in the cases highlighted below, negative body image.

Several new mothers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to discuss how their body images have shifted postpartum.

1. The lack of a pregnant belly doesn't automatically make you feel good about yourself:

After having a baby, I feel so unattractive. I can

2. Even if you're no longer pregnant, you probably don't feel like your same old self, especially right after giving birth:

I just had a baby a few weeks ago. People tell me I look good but I still feel like my body is ruined.

3. Trying to imagine your body shifting back to what you consider normal for yourself might seem like a faraway feat:

I feel trapped in my body after having a baby and I don

4. Sometimes, things as simple as trusting your partner with your struggles can help solve them:


5. Weight is just a number -- it oftentimes has nothing to do with body positivity:

I was never insecure before I had a baby. Now I weigh less than I did before but I

6. Nothing exacerbates body insecurity like a lack of surrounding support:

I wish I could love my body after giving birth to two kids but it

7. It's important not to get distracted by what you think others expect from you -- your opinion is the only one that matters:

Trying my hardest to love my post-baby body even though it

8. Comparing yourself to others and how their bodies work will not help you with your own body image issues:


9. Some mothers might feel like they are sacrificing their beauty for the love of their children:


10. Never let others tell you that something beautiful of yours is 'ruined':

I have two kids. Nothing makes me feel worse about myself than when someone says that having kids "ruins your body." I thought my body was fine, but thanks for that.

11. Media might make you think that there is one way to be beautiful -- but that's not true:


12. Your body forever holds the evidence of the miracle you performed:

I used to hate my post pregnancy body. My stretch marks were ugly to me. But now I look at the marks and it reminds me of the amazing thing my body did

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