Why we're crushing on flamingo fashion pieces

By: Shut Up I Love That

Flamingos are having a moment in the sun in the fashion world right now (so to speak); having finally graduated from tacky Florida lawn ornaments to luxurious shoe accoutrement and most-Instagrammed pool party accessory. (Hi.)

It makes sense. As far as birds go flamingos are the fun ones; long-legged beacons of whimsy and happiness. If you can't place your finger on just why exactly you and I love these pink-feathered birds so much, allow me to volunteer some ideas. A flock of flamingos is called a flamboyance. (Come on!) Flamingos are "gregarious" and hate being alone—their flamboyance could have a few dozen to as many as a millionbirds! And did you know that even though they are both strong swimmers and strong flyers, they mostly just stand around in a few inches of water and eat with their friends? Raise your hand if you can relate. Also, flamingos are monogamous. (Aww.)

As I expressed in this post a few weeks ago, it's not like people would ever say, "Oh that Taylor, she really loves pink." I don't. But flamingos really get to me, so here we are and I want all the things. A clear flamingo phone case for summer? Why not. A pair of flamingo-embroidered slides? Yes, please. I even love this "flamingo pink" cashmere shirt from J. Crew. (Other highlights from above include Three J NYC hot pink pajamas,this bra and a fun but splurge-y t-shirt from Être Cecile.)

Over on Shopbop you can find a plethora of fun flamingo pieces like rompers, swimsuits, espadrilles and even a very on-trend pin. Cruise their gift boutique to find a gold flamingo-adorned set of glasses, flamingo ice trays and more. (If you're really ready to commit, spring on one of Gray Malin's prints or phone cases that feature flamingos both real and faux.)

PS: We shouldn't really knock the pink plastic flamingo; this is really wonderful obituary in the New York Times about the guy who invented them will make you smile.

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