Travel diary: Swimming with pigs

'The Bachelor': The Bachelor Goes Swimming with Pigs!
By: Covering the Bases

The year of the life goals list is here and we're off to quite an amazing start! I got to swim with the pigs (a rising popular thing to do thanks to the Bachelor) and it was SO MUCH FUN!!

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Oh man was this fun fun fun! So I'll start from the beginning... at the Harpers Bazaar Icon Party I met this wonderful girl Alex and we bonded over traveling. She was helping me brainstorm ideas for where to go for my New Year's trip (we ended up going to Jamaica) and told me to check out Exuma.

"Ah-what-a?" was my first response to which she followed up, "where the swimming pigs are." So it was pretty much then and there I decided I wanted to go. It shot straight on up to the top of my travel list and I had my mind set. Andrew and I were going to go and swim with the pigs.

Exuma, for those who don't know, is a small island in the Bahamas and has really come to been known for the swimming pigs. For the record, I had this thing booked way before The Bachelor went there! I was kind of sad they were blowing up my spot but what can you do!

Just about every tour company on the island will have a swimming pigs excursion and from what I heard, there are two different islands that are homes to these beautiful pigs. One is the original and the other is one where pigs don't end up there naturally. I'm sure both are great but we ended up at the OG island with some really BIG pigs.

In pictures you see when you google "swimming pigs exuma" you see these cute little baby pigs swimming in the water but in reality they are about twice the size of you running full speed to grab whatever is in your hand (or near by). They were aggressive but in a cute piggy kind of way.

The moment you bring your boat to the island, the pigs jump into the water and swim over -- mouths WIDE open. It was so funny. They knew what was coming and they were ready for some good food. Our tour company provided us with some bread to feed them and it was so much fun. I had them chasing me around till I was all out.

The only thing is I wish I had brought more food with me! They ate the bread so quickly and were just begging for more haha. Next time!! Our captain also told me they love fresh water (since they don't get enough) and let me feed them some bottles. That was the best because they LOVED it and it kept them around more for some cute photos :)

Andrew and I had such a fun time and we have some great video to show you guys later! If you're ever in Exuma or Nassau, make sure to go and do this!!! It's SO so so worth it.

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Travel diary: Swimming with pigs

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