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Summer McKeen may be significantly younger than most seasoned beauty professionals -- not to mention beauty vloggers -- but that's not stopping the Oregon-native from establishing her presence in the industry. Her videos, which showcase everything from French braid tutorials to prom makeup inspiration, have amassed a staggering 12 million views in just a few short years. Ask any one of McKeen's 400,000 followers and they will tell you that her virality is all thanks to her infectious personality, incredible take on everyday beauty trends, and expertise when it comes to products. Her undeniable mark on the world of beauty vlogging is proof that age really is just a number.

At the age of thirteen, the vlogger immersed herself in the beauty community, obsessing over beauty gurus who showcased their creations through videos and photos online. Quickly, she decided to test out the waters for herself, teaching other makeup fanatics her tips and tricks. The rest is YouTube history.

Since her YouTube inception, Summer has expanded her reach into the lifestyle realm, proving she isn't a one-trick pony. Her channel is now a hub for everything from DIY Halloween costumes to travel diaries to fan question and answer series. And at the rate she's going, we're willing to bet that Summer's addicting videos are about to completely dominate the YouTube space.

So now is a great chance to get to know the rising social star. We recently spoke exclusively to Summer McKeen about how she got her start on YouTube, her upcoming projects, and more!

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When did you first realize your love for makeup and all-things beauty?
I first realized my love for makeup and beauty when I was in 6th grade because I was watching YouTube videos of beauty gurus doing their hair and makeup which I thought was cool. At the same time my best friend wore makeup and I would try whatever she tried. Then when I started my Youtube channel, I really loved sharing what I did with my hair and makeup. ​

What led you to the creation of your YouTube channel?
When I was around 13 years old, I watched so many different YouTubers and I loved their channels. I would also make videos with my friends and sisters that were usually just skits. I would edit them and it was a lot of fun for me, so I thought why not share this with other people? Then later on, I made my channel into a beauty channel.

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How do you conceptualize a look for a video? What goes into the process before you capture it on camera?
Before I capture my ideas on camera, I find inspiration from other videos, or Instagram or really whatever inspires me. Sometimes I'll have a vision of exactly what I want the video to look like, and I'll try to make that idea into a reality.

What was it like the first time one of your videos went viral? What was the reaction from friends and family like when your videos blew up?
One of my Halloween costume videos has received over a million views and I just couldn't believe it, I mean people were watching it even in the summer. I was amazed and just felt so happy and proud of myself that I made something that so many people wanted to watch. My family is very supportive of me and always very proud.

How have you found a balance between your real life and your social media one? ​
I've found a balance by just finding a perspective that allows me to put my priorities in place. Sure, social media is amazing and a huge part of my life, but too much of it can easily be a bad thing. Living in the moment and taking a break from social media is important.

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