The top 10 workplaces for giving back

Top Paying U.S. Companies In 2016
Top Paying U.S. Companies In 2016

Part of what makes a job fulfilling is being able to feel like the work that you're doing is reaching, and in some way, helping other people.

More so now than ever, companies are allowing countless opportunities to give back to their communities through volunteering and charitable initiatives.

Many top companies will even offer paid time off to accommodate for employee volunteering time, as well as working in partnership with certain charitable organizations that allow employees to offer their services.

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Experts at Great Place to Work surveyed thousands of employees across companies to determine which really were the best for giving back and reported them to Fortune.

Think you know which companies cracked the top 10? Click through below to find out what they were:

Surprisingly, none of the top 10 companies featured had headquarters in New York.

Many of the companies listed are startups, perhaps based on the new cultural ideal that workplaces offering employees opportunities to give back are highly valued.

For the rest of the top 50, visit Fortune.

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