'Star Wars' contest will let you do almost anything with Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill Wants You to Be a 'Force for Change'
Mark Hamill Wants You to Be a 'Force for Change'

Turns out Luke Skywalker isn't such a hermit after all.

The Jedi — or at least his earthly guise, Mark Hamill — will appear at the official Star Wars Celebration in London this summer, Mashable can exclusively reveal. And Hamill is holding a contest — the winner of which apparently gets to hang out, and do any activity they want, with him in London.

Well, pretty much anything.

"As long as it's legal and within the bounds of good taste," says the son of Skywalker in our exclusive Force For Change video. The only other specific caveat is he doesn't do walks on the beach.

Hamill may come to regret not adding the all-important words: And as long as it's not asking me about what happens to Luke in Episode VIII.

See Mark Hamill through the years:

Here's the hitch: To claim this prize, you need to raise a heroic amount of money for children in need around the world. Force For Change is a joint venture between UNICEF, Disney and Lucasfilm. Aside from UNICEF, the beneficiaries are the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The top fundraiser on the Force For Change Crowdrise website in the next week is the one who will get to hang with the last Jedi. Better yet, Force For Change will match them dollar for dollar up to a whopping $1 million.

Anyone who contributes also has a chance to win a trip to Skelig Michael, the Irish island where we left Luke, Rey and a lightsaber at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Jedi cowl and robot hand is not included, but a trip around the rest of Ireland is.

The contest closes on May the Fourth, naturally. The puns will be with you, always.

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