Police: Toddler may have been killed after interrupting dad's computer gaming

Police: Toddler May Have Been Killed After Interrupting Dad's Computer Gaming

Police in Texas suspect that a man killed his two-year-old daughter Ellie last year because she disturbed him during a computer game.

Now, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting that 31-year-old Anthony Michael Sanders has been charged with capital murder in her death.

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The event occurred on December 12 when, according to an affidavit, Sanders was tasked with watching Ellie and her five-year-old brother.

After his wife returned, Sanders claimed the little girl was sleeping; however, he later announced that their daughter wasn't breathing, and 911 was called, reports the Dallas Morning News.

Ellie was pronounced dead at the hospital soon after.

Despite the father's story that the girl seemed to be fine that night, he reportedly had no explanation for the bruises and bite marks found on her face and body.

Police believe Ellie may have been killed because she interrupted his intense computer gaming habit; spokesman Sgt. Jason Babcock describes it as "just a fit of rage-type deal...," notes the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

According to KXAS, Sanders was arrested one day after the medical examiner's office determined the cause of death was homicide by asphyxiation.

His bail has been set at $1 million.

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Police: Toddler may have been killed after interrupting dad's computer gaming

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