Man finds whole fried chicken head in fast-food order


If you were looking for more motivation to kick your fast-food addiction besides clogged arteries, then here it is.

Mounir Bessaïh of Saint-Jean-de-Védas, located just outside Montpellier, France, was appalled to discover a full chicken head in his basket of fried chicken wings, which was purchased from a French fast-food restaurant chain called Quick.

After the ordeal, Bessaïh uploaded a video of the fried chicken head to YouTube, which he shared to his Facebook page with the caption "Look what I found in my chicken wings package at quick."

Regardez ce que j'ai trouvé dans mon paquet de chicken wings chez quick

Posted by Mounir Bessaïh on Friday, April 22, 2016

Since it was posted online on April 22, the video has amassed more than 250,000 views, which prompted a rapid response from the company.

Quick posted an apology on its Facebook page, saying it was "sincerely sorry for the mishap" and for "the shock that produced the discovery of a fried chicken head in a bag of Chicken Wings."

We have launched an investigation as soon as we were warned, and quality service is being charged to shed light on this unfortunate event. We have already identified the batch that came from this room and no other abnormalities could be detected when we examined. It is therefore well an isolated phenomenon which nevertheless escaped control teams to make the sort of steps. This unacceptable incident fortunately without risk to health.

L'équipe du Quick de Saint-Jean de Vedas et le fournisseur de Chicken Wings sont sincèrement désolés de la mésaventure...

Posted by Quick on Saturday, April 23, 2016

We bet that salad doesn't sounding so bad now, does it?

At least that chicken head was the same species as the rest of his order...

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