James Corden slays in his Beyonce-inspired 'Lemonjames' visual monologue: Watch

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James Corden Plays Hilarious Game With 'The Huntsman' Cast and More News

There was no way James Corden was going to resist doing his own take on Beyonce's Lemonade visual album. And the Late Late Show host wasted no time getting down to ridiculous business on Monday night's show, serving up a hilarious parody of Bey's Internet-smashing visual feast.

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The 3:44 bit opens with Corden wearing a series of outfits from the video, solemnly lamenting, "I try to write a monologue for you every night, even when we don't have a show I write a monologue, but you don't see that," he half-whispers amid images of the host walking through fields in a black hoodie.

And then the scene shifts to Corden in a bathtub, admitting that he's sick of doing Donald Trump jokes, because they makes him feel dirty... just like the Trump joke he tells seconds later. He even manages to lob a lame traditional monologue bit in as he swings a lightbulb over his head and asks, "does that make you laugh like Jimmy with the good hair?"

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The centerpiece is, not surprisingly, his very tart recipe for lemonade, delivered while wearing a black bikini. "Two pints of water, eight juicy ass lemons, one cup of sugar, another cup of sugar, another cup of sugar, you know what? Another cup of sugar. Actually, this is too much work can someone just go out and get me a lemonade?," he asks.

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It ends, of course, with Corden in a yellow dress and blonde wig smashing TV's with a baseball bat. Check out the full video below.

And he wasn't the only late night talker who weighed in. Check out Stephen Colbert white-mansplaining Bey's album.

Check out more from James Corden in the gallery below!

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