Summer McKeen on how to perfect your everyday beauty routine

Summer McKeen shows off her everyday makeup routine
Summer McKeen shows off her everyday makeup routine

When it comes to an everyday makeup routine, you want a look that's simple, chic, and can stand up to your daily grind. And as easy as it may sound, it's actually a pretty tough demand. Luckily there are makeup pros out there who dish out their secret tricks and tips to not only make your face look fresh, but also ensure that your look lasts throughout the day. Case in point: Summer McKeen.

The young YouTuber has been showcasing her incredible beauty looks for the past few years on her viral channel and has since gained a staggering social following -- almost 400,000 avid fans to be exact. Whether it is clips centered on makeup for prom or more simple school-friendly looks, her followers know that whenever they watch one of McKeen's tutorials, they can expect game-changing advice.

We recently got an exclusive look at how McKeen's plans out her go-to beauty look! (Spoiler alert: her eyeshadow hack is genius). Watch the video above to see her step-by-step guide to achieve the perfect style.

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