Hero midwife uses swan float to navigate Houston floodwaters so she can deliver a baby

Midwife rides inflatable swan through flood to deliver baby: See the photos

In the wake of extensive flooding in Houston, one midwife had to get creative when traveling to an expectant mother: she floated her way there on an inflatable swan.

Faced with a flooded street, midwife Cathy Allen Rude managed to arrange a ride on her neighbor's swan float, which she and her equipment rode to a truck waiting to drive them the remaining few miles to the Katy Birth Center. Later that day, Rude helped the mother deliver a healthy baby boy.

Midwives will do anything to get to a birth! Riding a swan to get off my flooded street and make it to the birth center! Thanks,Celeste! You gave me a great ride!

Posted by Cathy Allen Rude on Monday, April 18, 2016

A slightly more heroic use of the swan float than for a "swan goals" Instagram.

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Hero midwife uses swan float to navigate Houston floodwaters so she can deliver a baby
Be safe yall! This is North Harris County #houstonflood @KPRC2 https://t.co/L1BScSGauc
I go from this to this in less than 12 hours.. Wish I was still in California! #houstonflood #houstonweather https://t.co/9xUHHDSvBy
All this in the last 5 minutes - No water there before that. #houstonflood #houstonweather https://t.co/yMDoxP4Oje
UPDATE Sterret @ William St. has major flooding and debris. Avoid driving. #houwx #houstonflood #HouNews https://t.co/ETrvImYHsQ
Not sure how to feel about a guy pulling his SUV off the road and into my yard... @KHOULily @KHOU #Houston #flood https://t.co/oYnAyOQzBM
@BrooksKHOU NW Harris County between HWY 290 W and Hempstead HWY. Granite St https://t.co/WntEWQMeoL
5050 Yale Street, entire parking lot flooded above tires #houstonflood @abc13weather https://t.co/IxdPAQm1mw
Yo wtf!? My friend sent this picture, Greens Apartments 😱 #houstonflood https://t.co/VpZBY96ho8
How's everyone doing out there? #houstonflood https://t.co/RaMSvs51jZ
@KHOU Katy @ I-10 & Westgreen, while street is flooded over sidewalks & water in our driveway! #houstonflood https://t.co/TS0hKDy4Yv
Stay inside Houston friends! #houstonflood https://t.co/4PLvXmJNcS

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