Churchill's bust was a victim of Obama's executive feng shui

Churchill's Bust Was a Victim of Obama's Executive Feng Shui
Churchill's Bust Was a Victim of Obama's Executive Feng Shui

President Obama has finally given us a clue into the whereabouts of a highly-debated Winston Churchill bust.

After Obama moved into the White House in 2009, a statue of the British leader allegedly went missing and accusations soared.

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Those accusations resurfaced in an article written by London Mayor Boris Johnson that was published last Friday. Boris wrote, "Some said it was a snub to Britain. Some said it was a symbol of the part-Kenyan President's ancestral dislike of the British empire."

Well, turns out, it was neither.

"I love Winston Churchill — love the guy," Obama said.

See photos of the bust when it first arrived at the White House:

Obama addressed the rumors — hopefully, once and for all – at a press conference the same day the article was released.

"Now, when I was elected president of the United States, my predecessor had kept a Winston Churchill bust in the Oval Office — there are only so many tables where you can put busts otherwise it starts looking a little cluttered," Obama said.

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Obama explained he replaced the bust of Churchill with one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Now, a Churchill statue sits outside Obama's office on the second floor of the residence.

And just in case you were wondering, "It's there voluntarily because I can do anything on the second floor."