Bryce Harper takes secret selfie with fan

Here's why we should embrace Bryce Harper - 'The Herd'
Here's why we should embrace Bryce Harper - 'The Herd'

The Washington Nationals certainly deserve a day off after their ridiculous 16-inning game against the Minnesota Twins on Sunday, April 24. In arguably the zaniest game in baseball history, Washington spent almost six hours getting one more run over the Twins for a 6-5 victory. It was the longest regular-season game in Nationals history, lasting 5 hours and 56 minutes.

The Nats were down 5-4 in the 15th inning Danny Espinosa drew a two-out walk and stole second base. As no one else on the team remained to hit, pitcher Oliver Perez stepped up to bat for the first time since 2010 and sent a bunt right down the third-base line. Twins catcher John Ryan Murphy picked up the ball, but his wild throw allowed Espinosa to make it home. Chris Heisey then homered off of Michael Tonkin to win the game and complete a three-game sweep for the Nationals.

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Harper himself tied the seemingly endless game with a pinch-hit home run (because of course he would) in the ninth inning. Perez then put down a bunt in the 15th to extend the game even further, until Heisey homered in the 16th—yes, the 16th—inning to finally end it.

Mr. #MakeBaseballFunAgain was supposed to have Sunday off, but he stepped up to the plate to get his first pinch-hit homer after Dusty Baker asked him to. So, while most of the team is likely relaxing and recuperating at home, everyone's favorite player to both love and hate spent his day off geeking out at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History like a kid on a school trip — backwards Redskins hat and nerd glasses in tow.

But despite the massive collection of artifacts and Americana pop culture collectibles and more, the talented baseball player's favorite thing in the museum wasn't actually a museum item.

It was his own Harper #34 shirtsie, worn by a random young man he spotted in the museum.

Definitely without the kid's knowledge, Harper snapped this funny but somewhat creepy selfie with his fan:

Hopefully, he introduced himself to the kid afterwards...

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