5 do's and don'ts of wedding guest attire

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

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I've learned over the last few years of attending countless friends' weddings to hopefully make it a little easier on you:

DO consider the season - When I'm shopping for what to wear to a friend's or family member's wedding, I look at the date of the wedding first and the attire indicated on the invitation second [see first DON'T below for more on that!]. The date of the wedding helps to determine what colors to filter out of my search options when looking at online retailers. If the wedding is on July 7th, I would filter out the black, dark red and plum options. Similarly, if the wedding is November 27th, I'd steer clear of light pink, yellow and other pastel colors.

FYI: Embellished dresses are okay to wear to a wedding, but it's definitely more appropriate for formal evening weddings during the Winter months.

DO bring your dancing shoes - Choose a pair of comfortable heels to wear to the wedding ceremony, but don't forget to bring a pair of nice sandals to slip on at the reception. If it's a more casual wedding, a newer pair of flip flop sandals would be okay. However, if it's a more formal wedding, I'd recommend a nicer, dressier pair of flat sandals or neutral flats.

DO find out the wedding colors - One of my biggest fears is showing up to a wedding looking like I belong in the bridal party. This, actually, almost happened in September when I was invited to my friend, and fellow blogger, Katey of Chronicles of Frivolity's wedding. I sent her a link to the dress I was considering wearing. It was a pretty champagne color, and thought it'd be a great dress to have for multiple occasions. Turns out, Katey laughed and said that the dress I was considering was THE.SAME. dress as her bridesmaids, except her bridesmaids were wearing black. I cannot even explain how mortified I would have been if I hadn't asked her. What if I liked it in black? What if I wasn't close enough to her?

If you're not super close to the bride, you can always ask someone who is what the colors of the wedding are, specifically the bridesmaids dresses. Do your best to steer clear of those colors. Knowing the material of the dresses is helpful, as well. Try and find out as much as you can, and don't be shy if you feel like you don't have a way of finding it out! The girls in the wedding party would surely not mind a harmless Facebook message about what to wear to their dear friend's wedding. I know I wouldn't! They want it to be the best day ever so go ahead and send along a quick inquiry! Their names are typically shared on the couple's wedding website, so reference that if you're not sure who they are.

DO show off - During the work week, it's a shame that your statement jewelry is at home collecting dust. A weekend wedding celebration is a great opportunity for you to pull out your favorites and show off a little bit! We all know there are some cringe-worthy ways to stand out at a wedding [i.e. showing too much skin, wearing a dress that's too short or too tight], but statement jewelry is the most appropriate way without taking eyes off the bride!

STYLE TIP >> Never wear a watch to a wedding.
Sadly, I've made this mistake before.​

DO remember this important tip - If you're really not sure what to wear, even after investigating the type of wedding and considering the season, just remember that it's better to be overdressed than under dressed! Being overdressed is more appropriate AND, to be honest, it will draw people to you making it easy to make new friends, allowing you to feel a little more comfortable whereas being underdressed would do the opposite. So, in general, it's a good rule of thumb!

Now that you know what to do, read the 5 don'ts of wedding guest attire on Sequins and Things!

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