107-year-old internet star who danced with Obamas can't get photo ID

107-Year-Old Internet Star Who Danced With Obama Can't Get Photo ID

Months ago, 107-year-old Virginia McLaurin became a social media sensation, with video of her and the Obamas dancing getting over 65 million views, reports CBS News.

According to the Huffington Post, she's now having trouble getting a valid photo ID because she can't produce acceptable proof of her identity.

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In Washington D.C., which is where McLaurin lives, getting an official card requires a birth certificate.

While she's not even sure if one exists for her, at this time that's not the only problem, notes Jezebel.

She was born in South Carolina and state law requires birth document requests be accompanied by a current, government-issued photo ID.

Those who don't are rejected immediately.

McLaurin told the Washington Post that the difficulties she's having are causing her concern about how such state requirements impact people's ability to vote.

Though Washington D.C. doesn't require a photo ID be presented to cast a ballot, 17 states do.

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