What your antiques are worth now

Learn About Antique Value
Learn About Antique Value

It's time for some 'Antiques Roadshow' inspired appraisal -- eBay edition.

We dug around to see what some vintage and antique items are valued at online today -- so if you have something similar lying around the house, it may be worth a pretty penny.

Dust off that antique typewriter of yours, because we have news for you! Most objects are worth some serious cash. We checked out old radios, record players, lamps, silverware, chess sets, clocks and more.

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So if you're looking to rid yourself of some of your old valuables stored away in that attic of yours, you may want to reconsider opting for the typical yard sale. Auctioning your possessions off on eBay may actually be your best bet.

Take a look at what these antiques are worth now, and let the bidding begin.

Click through to see the value of 11 vintage items today:

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