Police say Oregon man tipped prostitute with live monkey

Police Say Man Tipped Prostitute with Monkey

Talk about 'monkey business'.

Police say a man in Eugene, Oregon tipped a prostitute with a monkey.

Worse? He stole the monkey from the pet store him and his wife manage together.

The story came out after Nathan McClain's wife reported a burglary in the Zany Zoo Pet Store the couple manages.

What she didn't know was that her husband was behind it.

When police investigated the robbery they found Gooey the monkey, in a hotel room with the prostitute.

Image: Eugene Police Department

The woman reported that McClain had paid her with over $7,000 from a Girl Scouts Donations Jar and had given her Gooey as a tip.

Thankfully all is well with Gooey and the bush baby is living at a sanctuary nearby.

McClain has been arrested for prostitution.

According to the Zany Zoo Pets Facebook page, he will have no further association with Zany Zoo.

Looks like this incident threw a 'monkey wrench' in his future.

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