Man arrested for weed has half a beard in mugshot

Man Arrested For Weed Has Half A Beard In Mugshot

A man who was arrested recently in Florida on marijuana-related charges sports an unusual look in his mugshot.

He has a full, white beard on the left side of his face while the other side appears to be shaven with just a hint of growth.

Otherwise, he has relatively short, salt-and-pepper-colored dreadlocks on his head.

Image: Miami Dade County Jail

According to the information available on the Miami-Dade County website, the man is 58-year-old Kevin Gibson, and he faces numerous charges including possession of cannabis with the intent to sell.

The New York Daily News points out that he was arrested on April 19, which precedes the day in the U.S. known for celebrating marijuana.

His bond is set at $8,000.

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